July 2016 General Meeting

Date : July 27, 2016 (Wed)
Time : 13:00 ~ 13:45, Conference 14:00 ~ 17:00
Place : TKP Garden City Sendai-Kotodai, Sendai park Building
Address : 3-6-1 Koubuncyo Aoba-ku, Sendai-city, Miyagi- Prefecture.
Members meeting : 13:15~13:45 3F Hall 3
Debriefing session : 14:00~17:00 3F Hall 3
Members Poster Session at hall 3
Reception : 17:30~  2F Hall 2

  • 総合司会 (有)アークジャパン 代表取締役  小山 克博 氏

※JASFA members, is available for download on the day of the presentation document
the handling carefully, please storage safety.

Presenter : Arc Japan, Representative Director,
Katsumi Oyama.

Opening Speech : JASFA Vice President, (National Institute of Technology Sendai College Vice President)
Yasuo Utsumi

Guest Speech : Higashimatsushima city councel
Setsuo Sugawara

Activity report
1.National Institute of Technology Sendai College Vice President, Yasuo Utsumi
For stakeholders of cooperation of regional- Manabu of position and Spanish Case
2.Oyamada Engineering ,environment system section chief, Hiroshi Kawamura.
Introduction of heat supply such as a system by woody biomass boiler ”
3.TNP Sendai Branch Secretary Tomochika Konno
Machinochikara activity report
4.HI-SO Mikio Honmura Executive Director.
“Republic of China Foundation, Taiwan architecture building center (TABC) collaboration business”

–Break Time–

5.GMP Sobo, Director, Keiichiro Maeda.
2016 fiscal year environmental technology industry, academia ,public, cooperation joint research project ”
6.Sanei Sha,Ltd. New products create, Haruhiro Hosobori.
“Introduction – of independent operation detection device” commitment to renewable energy
7.PVG solutions, Director, Yasutaka Taomoto.
Activity report “Introduction – of tracking type two-sided solar power generation system that overcomes the-snow.”
8.JASFA Representative director, Toshimitsu Ono.
“Toward the resilient sustainable society, story of last year’s JASFA”

Question-and-answer session

Iguchi Yasutaka
JASFA Chairman, (Miyagi organization for Industry promotion Chairman, Tohoku University, Hirosaki University Professor emeritus.)

The first Part (General Meeting) Closing Speech
Hitoshi Sakama
JASFA Director, (CyuKenRen Chairman, ECOMEA Chairman)