July 2015 General Meeting

Date:July 24, 2015 (Mon) 13:15 ~ 17:0
Place:TKP Garden City Sendai-Kotodai Hall 5

  • JASFA2015総会・報告会 総合司会 (有)アークジャパン 代表取締役 小山克博 氏

For JASFA members is available for download on the day of the presentation document,
The handling of  information with carefully, please never to flow out.

■General Meeting

Overall host
Arc Japan :Director
Katsuhiro Oyama

■Opening Greeting
JASFA Presentative director
Toshimitsu Ono

2014 Business Report JASFA business Section.

1.Reconstruction Agency / Farmland photovoltaic sharing Demonstration project (second tern)

2.Higashimatsushima / Collective House (Ultra-aging society smart house ) project

3.Kawasaki City Environmental Bureu /nvironmental Research Institute and Environmental technology industry and academia civil cooperation publicly offered joint research project.
“Feasibility investigative research of the power generation system using the 200 ℃ less than the unused heat” (2014 ~)

4.Ministry of the Environment/ Leading low-carbon regional development commercialization FS Research commissioned business ( Higashimatsushima Miyato island)

5.Republic of China Foundation / Taiwan Architecture center collaboration business.

6.JASFA member-owned by LLC the establishment of “Machinochikara”

7.UN World Conference on Disaster Reduction Public Forum event open
(Keynote lecture : C.W. Nicole “ Pant a tree in your heart”)

8.At the same meeting, 1st resilience Award Grand Prize “ Excellence Award”

9.New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization(NEDO)

“Geothermal power generation technology research and development project” adopted until 2015.

2014 accounting report
JASFA Representative Director
Toshimitsu Ono.

The audit report
JASFA Auditor
Tsunemi Ebisawa

Question-and-answer session

Membership Changes report

■Debriefing session

・Opening Greeting
JASFA Chairman, Miyagi Industrial Promotion Organization Chairman, Tohoku University, Hirosaki University Professor emeritus.
Yasutaka Iguchi

・Visitor Greeting
Higashimatsushima Vice Mayor
Morio Furuyama

Activity Report

1.National Institute of Technical Sendai College.
Representative Director
Yasuo Utsumi

2.Advance Riko.,Ltd.
Sales Section
shinichiro Kojima

Representative Director
Seiichi Nakamura

4.Guys Company
Representative Director
Jun Nakamoto

Representative Director
Tadashi Nomura

Representative Director
Masahito Mikata

(Break Time)

7.Dimplex Japan
Tohoku Branch
Yasuto Tanaka

8.Neo system
Representative Director
Toshimitsu Motomaru

9.PVG Solutions
Director, Hokkaido Branch Manager,
Yasutaka Taonoto

10.Oyamada Engineering Environment system
Hiroshi Kawamura

11.JASFA Representative Director
Toshimitsu Ono

Question-and-answer session

Closing Greeting
ZnoLab Representative director
Akio Yamada