March 2015 Third UN World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction

Held the event of Third UN World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction at Public forum

  • 会場:TKP仙台(AER30F)ホールC 2015/3/15(日)当日は晴天に恵まれ、盛況の内に開催されました。

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The 3rd United nations disaster prevention conference.

—– Challenge the strong urban development through the earthquake —–

“Industry College Government Public” activities

Overall host
Arc Japan :Director
Katsuhiro Oyama


JASFA Vice President, Deputy President
Yasuo Utsumi

The first Part.
Keynote lecture & panel discussion
Keynote lecture “Plant a tree in your heart”
Writer, Naturalist C.W.Nicol.

Panel discussion
Panelist (Panelist profile)

The symbol of the revival of the “Forest School” of Higashimatsushima
Writer, Naturalist C.W.Nicol

Higashimatsushima Superintendent of school
Masaaki Kudo

DAC Group director
Kazunori Ishikawa

Coordinator KITABA
KITABA  Representative Director
Takashi Kaminaga

The second part
・Poster Session (Description of the activity at the posters in the hall)

・To the recommendations of the participants from the case report

1.”Industry-Academia Government Public” activity case to challenge the powerful town development.
“Disaster prevention and mitigation of seeds “and Application example

1) Installation of hybrid smart pole
Mabuchi Engineering Co.,Ltd. Environment business section
Shuji Terano

2)Application of the double-sided photovoltaic power.
Small generation system
Tomita limited company , Representative Director
Hirokazu Sayama

Shared Farm Land

PVSolutions Director Hokkaido branch manager
Yasutaka, Taomoto

3) Collective House demonstration

4) Portable binary power generation system
Advance-riko Inc. R & D department chief
Satoshi Endo

2.Strong in disaster, recommendations to the town planning to take advantage of the regional characteristics
Transmission of “recommendations” by the World Café format

・Poster session (result)

Summary of recommendations from the discussion
LLC Machinochikara, senior staff
Tadashi Nomura

Closing Greeting
JASFA Representative Director
Toshimitsu Ono