December 2014 Interim Reporting

This year of JASFA Member between the business, Include a variety of achievements in JASFA alone or municipal cooperation projects noteworthy activities are becoming entered into a productive. JASFA is the start of the LLC by the member-owned. These new deployment, including we ended out to success in lots of content, such as continued multiple business introduction and introduction of new members in the last report. I would like to thank to visiting.

Date: Dec 12, 2014 (Tue)
Place: TPK Garden City Sendai Kotodai Hall 3

  • JASFA2014中間報告会 総合司会 有限会社アークジャパン 代表取締役 小山克博 氏

※JASFA members, is available for download on the day of the presentation document
the handling carefully, please storage safety.

Overall host
Arc Japan :Director
Katsuhiro Oyama

The First Part Reporting

1.Opening address
In 2015, Business of movement of reconstruction in general and JASFAMiyagi Industrial Promotion Organization Chairman, HOPE Chairman, JASFA Chairman
Yasutaka Iguchi

2.Visitor speech and introducing
Greeting:Tohoku Economic Affairs Bureau, Resources and Energy section, Energy Policy Division Manager
Kazuo Sato

3.Reconstruction and industry-university cooperation activities, National institute of technology, Sendai College project.
JASFA vice president, National institute of technology, Sendai College Vice president.
Yasuo Utsumi

4.Current status of JASFA activities, Project unit report.

4-1. MOU signed with Taiwan architecture center
JASFA Representative Director
Toshimitsu Ono

4-2. NEDO joint research project
Ulvac Riko Inc, Representative Drector
Narishi Gonohe

4-3. Kawasaki City Environmental Bureau joint research project
GMP Sobo Director
Keiichiro Maeda

4-4. Higashimatsushima collective house project.
KITABA Environment energy section manager
Kazuho Iwamoto

4-5. Ministry of the Environment Feasibility business
Mother Earth Planning Director
Nobuyuki Ono

4-6. Reconstruction Agency new Tohoku
Built Green Japan vice President
Mikio Hasagawa

4-7. LLC established
Think net pro, Representative Director
Tadashi Nomura

4-8. Small and medium-sized construction industry human resource development strategy
Cyukenren Chairman
Hitoshi Itama

5. State-of-the-art technology and business presentations by new members.

5-1. Hokkaido branch tohoku office manager
Dimplex Japan Ltd
Motoki Konuma

5-2. Hokkaido branch
Tomita Representative Director
Hirokazu Sayama

5-3. Hokkaido Branch,
Norifusa Oshima

5-4. Minami-Kanto Branch
Sawa Representative Director
Kazu Sawa

5-5. Minami-Kanto branch
Sagamihara Incubation center Manager
Rieko Sudo

5-6. Operational headquarters
Photovoltaic support center Director
Akio Torii

5-7.Operational headquarters
Aeru Sendai branch
Jun Yamamoto

6. Review
Epo Tohoku, Integration of Tohoku
Kuniyasu Inoue

7. Closing
Zno Lab, Representative Director
Akio Yamada