June 2014 General Meeting

Jun 2014 General meeting and reporting.

JASFA Report meeting in TKP Sendai
“Sold out crowed” A lot of people(about one hundred) were visiting us, Thank you I appreciate it.
The 3rd year of the reporting which the contents also plenty,It became a lively debriefing.

  • 総合司会 JASFA事業局 副長 アークジャパン 小山克博 氏

Date:June 2, 2014 (Mon) 14:00 ~ 17:20
Place:TKP Garden City Sendai Hall-D (AER 30F)

“Debriefing Session”

The presenter, Ark Japan, Representative Director, Katsuhiro Oyama.
1.Opening Address, JASFA Chairman, Takayasu Iguchi.
2.Guest Speech, Vice Mayor of Higashimatsushima, Yuukichi Onuma.
3.National Institute of Technology Sendai Collage and JASFA’s business activities, JASFA vice president, Yasuo Uchimi.
4.Jun 2015 to May 2016 JASFA activities report.
・Toward to low index circulation sustainable society business organization.JASFA Representative Director, Toshimitsu Ono.
5.JASFA branch office of result report
・NEDO adoption, Prospects for geothermal power generation research and development project, Minami-Kanto Branch manager, Keiichiro Maeda.
・at Biratoricyo, Renewable energy research project, JASFA Hokkaido branch Manager, Kazuho Iwamoto.
6.Environmental Future City concept of Higashimatsushima and Collaboration with HOPE activities.
・ICT Support the reconstruction in the communication infrastructure planning,Panasonic, Yoshifumi Mizokuchi.
・Three years sfter of Higashimatsushima of environment learning collaboration agreement of efforts. JASFA business section, Nobuyuki Ono.
7.Closing Greeting, Zno-Lab, Representative Director, Akio Yamada.

“Special lecture”
・”Hontono Keizaigaku” by Yoshiyuki Yamaguchi.