Both surfaces photovoltaic panels Inspection-Dec 13

Both surfaces photovoltaic panels inspection (Dec 13) at Tohoku University Agriculture with JASFA Chairman Dr Iguchi, Vice Chairman Utsumi, and other JASFA member.

■Feature of both surfaces photovoltaic panels

So far, Photovoltaic panels cell has light-receiving surface, back was not able to covered with aluminum paste. As of both surface photovoltaic cells is the name, received from the back not only on the surface. It has become a structure that an light without the use of expensive aluminum paste material that was used on backside. Also it is possible to thinning of the wafer because there is no occur in relation to the aluminum and silicon in “the curve” problem , it can reduce the material cost.

・JASFA vice chairman Yasuo Utsumi , Arc Japan Representative Director Katsuhiro Oyama, environment professional engineer office, Representative, Hironobu Imai.