JASFA Hokkaido Branch-Information exchange

April 22, 2014 at (Tue) JASFA Hokkaido branch, information exchange meeting was held.


1.Opening Greeting
JASFA Hokkaido branch chief : KITABA Ltd. Hiroshi Sakamoto

2.About JASFA
Representative Director : Mabuchi Engineering Co.,Ltd Toshimitsu Ono.

3.Corporate Information
Each company’s introduction,  Public Relations.

4.JASFA efforts introduction of Hokkaido branch (Announcement: 10min, Question-and-answer session: 5 Min)
①Cold, snowy regions smart House : Tsuchiya Holdings Co.,Ltd ×DIMPLEX JAPAN LIMITED
②Cost absorption-type snow-melting system development projects that utilize a double-sided power generation photovoltaic cells : PVG Solutions ×Kurarayliving ×Kitaba ×(Hokkaido University, Itogumi Construction
③Photovoltaic power generation business and woody biomass cooperation feasibility study in Biratori-cho : Biratori-machi ×Tsuchiya holdings ×KITABA
④Super-aging society corresponding Smart House Development Plan ,Mabuchi Engineering ×Panasonic ×KITABA

・Break Time

5.Exchange opinion
・Business-to-business cooperation (About NDA)
・Future Outlook (New project)

Closing Greeting

■JASFA member of everybody is, ” members-only page, can be viewed on the day of the article.

Published in Hokkaido construction newspaper April 24, 2012 (Wed)