Social experiment in Higashimatsushima

(4)Promote use of eco-town / Nature Conservation

Start from Higashimatsushima
Social experiment is mid-August of the Eco-Town aimed at local production for local consumption of power, to start in the affected areas.
The stage is in temporary housing around Higashimatsushima, Introducing the propeller and solar panels for wind power generation, To install a light-emitting diode (LED) lighting streetlight number of groups equipped with a storage battery.
Business entity, made of researchers and small and medium-sized enterprises「JASFA」。vice president of NITSC vice president Yasuo Utsumi「It is possible in the future to cover the power supply of the house. With the generated power to the originator of disaster prevention information, become a strong eco-town in disaster」to be enthusiastic about that.
After the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant accident , it increases the momentum of de- nuclear power plant , blows tailwind to the natural energy.

 Miyagi Prefecture earthquake reconstruction plan solar and biomass in the eco-town concept that has been specified in the secondary draft , raised the use of geothermal heat , we came up with environmentally advanced regional development .

Kahoku-simpo 2011-07-31