Social experiment in Higashimatsushima

Social experiment in Higashimatsushima, ” Wind +Photovoltaic ” power generation equipment around temporary housing.

Such as researchers and small and medium-sized enterprises of the northeast has established a general incorporated association that aims to new energy sources in the urban development of the Great East Japan Earthquake disaster area .

Use the power generation equipment such as solar which local companies have developed , in the policy of the social experiment , installed in temporary housing around the Miyagi Prefecture Higashimatsushima in August .Corporation name is

「Japan sustainable free energy system exploit & promotion association」established on 7th.

30 companies and organizations joined of the Miyagi Prefecture, became chairman Yasutaka Iguchi Hirosaki University Auditors, became vice chairman Yasuo Utsumi, vice president of NITSC, Headquartered in Tokyo, Sendai as a base of operations.

The mabuchiengineering-sendai-hybridsmartdevice height 6.5 m strut in wind power for the propeller and solar panels to take advantage of high-performance storage batteries, mounting a light-emitting diode lighting, use the power generated, such as street lighting

Social experiment Other Higashimatsushima, member companies also began in the civil engineering construction site of Miyagi Prefecture Minami Sanriku during this month, encourage also be used in other affected areas.

Research and development of industry-academia-government collaboration to make use of the new energy are also placed in the field of view.

Council Secretariat through the use of new energy,  They hope to help the reconstruction of the disaster areas.