Chukenren of conference room (Gotanda) is available.

This time, the 8th floor conference room of the Tokyo headquarters (Rokaku support office) building of Chukenren, now to be lending in JASFA member limited.Near and walk about 5 minutes from JR Gotanda Station, is ideal for meetings with a small number of people (about 6 people).
Now its available.
when you use, please apply to Chukenren office previously.

Address:Tokyo office, MI Building 2F 1-10-4 Gotanda , Shinagawa, Tokyo
TEL:03-5795-1424 FAX:03-5795-1425

・Nearest station : JR Yamanote Line Gotanda (4 min for walking) 、Toei-Asakusa Line Oosakihirokoji( 9 min for walking, Tokyu-Ikegamisen Takanawadai (8 min for walking)