JASFA general meeting of membership

Japan Sustainable Free Powered Energy System Exploit & Promotion Association (JASFA) Honorary member, Regular member-supporting member, We like to thank our corplation.

Our group we have established June 16, 2011 also welcomed the full 2-year-old , we have left a lot of activities and footprints. Recently, It will be held general meeting want to thank the one-year activity report from 24 June because come to have you attend the member of everyone, we would like your assistance. The report meetings and social gatherings, such as the person who has the one and you are interested to help us in our group activities we would want will together invite a large number of those who can support the future activities. Thank you for your asking.

◎2013 general meeting The main contents (planned)

■General meeting of members
1.Member situation and accounting report : JASFA Representative Director, Mabuchi Engineering Co.,Ltd. Toshimitsu Ono.
2.Labor Certified Association description .JASFA Director Cyukenren Chairman, Kenji Koizumi

■Reporting June 2012 ~Activity of a year.
・Guest Greeting Mayor of Higashimatsushima  Hideyasu Abe
・Higashimatsushima Organization for Progress and Economy, Education, Energy. Vice President Blueprint of Higashimatsushima reconstruction Miyagi Industrial Promotion Organization Chairman, Yasutaka Iguchi
・Cooperation project summary of the National Institute of Technology Sendai College
Dupety President, Yasuo Utsumi
・Photovoltaic power generation Construction College and employment support, Photovoltaic power generation Construction College Mikio Suetake.
・ Cooperation of the Sagamihara Incubation Center GMP-Soubo  Keiichiro Mayeda.
・HEMS realization ! Introduction case of existing homes Noe system , Toshimatsu Motomura.
・ Member between technology cooperation New construction method Photovoltaic  installation case. Guys company, Jun nakamoto.
・ Proposed commercialization in the vast field utilization, Built green japan, Masayuki Arai
・ Distributed power generation project proposed in the heat technology-intensive, Aance-riko Inc.shinishiri,
・ Infinite possibility that both sides Photovoltaic power generation PVG Solutions , Naoki Ishikawa.

■Scheduled guest
Mayor of Higashimatsushima, Ministry of the Environment, Miyagi reconstruction Bureau, JICA Tohoku office, Myagi prefecture, City of Sendai etc.

■Scheduled to be held
Date : Jun 25, 2013 (Tue)
General meeting accepted (Members only) 13:00 General Meeting 13:30~
Report Meeting accepted (Guest, General)14:20 Report Meeting 14:30~
Place : Heanel Sendai 2F Matsushima B Conference Room
2-17-2 Honmachi Aoba-ku Sendai  TEL : 022-222-1121
Fee :  Free for General meeting member, Attend for reception 5000 yen per person.
(Reception will move another place, will start 17:30)

◆Presentation materials complete set of the day can be downloaded from members-only page