ODA 16 countries of people due to JAICA (Vocational training responsible representative) visited JASFA employment support project ( Public course)

At this time, Higashimatsushima of employment suppot business (second period) has just started from July 17, huge supporting Japan plat home.

This time, give the full cooperation of Higashimatsushima City Board of Education, We borrow temporarily to contact the Hamaichi elemental school gymnasium-building to be closed down in the Tsunami disaster has become a offered.

To borrow a gymnasium, employment support operation from this time according to the photovoltaic power system installed that uses a simulated roof such as special construction method practical training and large-format tiles, in order to specific technical training menu has been enhanced, we need a wide roofed hall.

In this course, JASFA member of the “ Oparts (Head quarters, Okayama) and Eco-shift

Technology construction cooperative (Headquarters, Tokyo) cooperative affiliated union of instructors will conduct training over six days (31 hours 20 minutes) and ten days (52 hours).

In opened time, meetings have also been scheduled with the five companies that have adopted plans at the time of the end of course, it has become an attempt to be a help of employment expansion in the affected areas.

Higashimatsushima Reconstruction Policy Division Director Nobutoshi Sato

Solar power Construction school Lecture : Shinnosuke Yoshida

Oparts Japan : Tokyo branch manager : Yoshinori Yasui

Description of the classroom