In service office at Tokyo(provided local small , medium size business)

The third sector of Sagamihara、SIC will open in service office in Tokyo for small medium size business、By setting the rent fee lower than usual、or it pioneered the market in the Tokyo metropolitan area, To help local companies or looking for a cooperation destination of the joint research and development. Depending on the needs of the company, SIC of the officials had their also matching with such partners.
Opening the “Tokyo Business Incubation Support Center” on the third floor basement of opportunity promotion hall in Minato-ku, Tokyo,Total floor area of about 100 square meters, can be used about 30 companies as an office.The office addition to a desk or a chair, to develop a shared copier and internet access.It undecided, such as rent fees, but cheaper in that setting than normal office. In alone from the cost get utilized for companies that difficult established a business hub of Tokyo.
After having listening to the needs of companies that use the facilities,Also introduce the metropolitan area of the company that can work together in such as product development and sale,Taking advantage of the SIC of the network, also deals mediation with overseas companies such as Taiwan.
In addition to machine Promotion Association, Kyoto research park, toyosangyousozo center Manage the installation in collaboration with six organizations that engaged in the business support of the company.
(Nikkei newspaper Feb 10, 2012)
In the article the term “six organizations are, JASFA minami-kanto Bureau chief Preside over GMP sobo
Keiichiro maeda is included ,We are actively developing the small and medium entrepreneurs venture support.