Just Starting JPF(Japan Platform) Higashimatsushima employment support project second phase recruiting

Road-employment directly linked to choose on their own to hear directly from companies

The Institute “new energy utilization Promotion Council aims at sustainable, safe and secure society.”the second time employment support project in cooperation with the Higashimatsushima.
This program, lost jobs were affected by the earthquake disaster or It shall be performed on the subject and those who are working motivation are considering changing jobs.

■Business Description:From late April to mid-May and then take the 15 times of course. During the enrollment period,For those who do not receive unemployment allowance、per Students 3,000 yen、If you take the whole 15 times will be paid total 45,000 yen.For employment, this program This program from nine companies are our support has secured 15 or more people of adoption frame.

Recruiting discription :2nd Recruiting content: capacity of 10 people.
Make the selection by interviews a simple written test, such as aptitude tests

More information , following homepage city.higashimatsushima