The Third session of the United Nations Conference on Disaster Reduction public forum the end of the event


We JASFA was establishment three months after the Great Eastern Japan earthquake disasterTaking advantage of the technology and networks in order to realize a sustainable societyWe have been promoting a lot of projects related to disaster prevention and disaster mitigation as industry-university cooperation organization.
The Project that has been actively developing from the establishment,Beyond the boundaries of the regions and countries、the energy sector、environment sector、development of human resources, it has over a wide range.
In this formal , continue the aggressive activities it seeds deployment case of industry-university cooperation organization JASFAOne of the key personnel to work on the stage of the Miyagi Prefecture Higashimatsushima, Welcomed C.W.Nicol who is writer, naturalist, keynote lecture and panel discussion, We have organized a World Café to give me recommendations from participation in everyone.

This event was a great success、Thank you for coming of a lot of people.
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