JASFA 2014 debrief session document

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Date : June 2 (Mon) 14:00~15:20

Place : TKP Garden city Sendai, hall D (AER 30F)


General host : Business section chief , Katsuhiro Oyama

1.Opening address, basic lecture.

Chairman Yasutaka Iguchi

2.Guest speech
City of Higashimatsushima, vice mayor,  Yukichi Onuma

3.・NITSC and JASFA business activity
Vice chairman , Yasuo Utsumi

4. 2013 June to 2014 May JASFA activity report
Towards a recycling-based business building a sustainable society
Representative director, Toshimitsu Ono
Third term account report, fourth term budget
LLC Application Requirements
2013 year Business report
2014 year Business plan

5.JASFABureau-branch activities of accomplishment report
・NEDO Prospects for geothermal power generation Research and Development Project
Minami-kanto bureau chief , keiichiro maeda
・Renewable energy research project at Biratori
Hokkaido branch , Kazuho Iwamoto

6.Cooperation with the environment future urban vision and HOPE activities of Higashimatsushima
・Support the reconstruction in the ICT communication infrastructure planning
Panasonic, Yoshihumi Mizoguchi
・After agreement and 3 years of environmental education cooperation initiatives Higashimatsushima
Business section, Nobuyuki Ono

7.Closing  ZnOlab Teruo Yamada